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Choices Network Inc.
2151 Centennial Rd.
PO Box 2657
Salina, KS 67402-2657

Phone 785-820-8018
Fax 785-309-0438

staff & leadership

Business Office Staff

Brenda Cook, VP of Operations/Targeted Case Manager/Co-Owner
Mandie Cain, VP of Operations/Co-Owner
Kelsey Tanner, Financial Management Services Director 
Sarah McMahon, Office Manager
Matt Garretson, Human Resources Manager
Erin Keller, Payroll and Human Resources Clerk 

Case Management Staff

Andrea Swenson, VP of Service Coordination/Co-Owner
Leslie Shober, Targeted Case Manager
Bobbie Jo Schwarz, Targeted Case Manager
Baylee Schmidt, Targeted Case Manager
Evelyn Fagan, Targeted Case Manager
Shandi Schropp, Targeted Case Manager 

Day & Residential Staff

Kenna Boyce, VP of Community Supports/Co-Owner
Broc Tanner, Community Supports Coordinator
Sara Olmsted, Community Supports Specialist 
Shannon Hansen, Community Supports Specialists
Monica Brown, Community Supports Specialists
Kris Boele, Community Supports Specialists 
Mike Highsmith, Community Supports Specialists